CNN Anchor Defends Left-Wing Violence While Calling Tucker Carlson a 'Parasite'

Posted: Jan 08, 2021 8:05 PM

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar finally found a violent riot she doesn't support. The liberal news outlet that brought you "fiery bust mostly peaceful protest" coverage of left-wing violence for the better part of last year is now calling the mob that breached the Capitol on Wednesday an "insurrection" of domestic "terrorists." 

While Republicans are capable of denouncing violence on both sides, partisans like Keilar are defending violence carried out by leftists while demanding law and order on steroids for Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol.  

"This isn't a Target store," said Keilar. "This isn't a statue. This is the Capitol." 

Of course, when it was the White House, which a left-wing mob targeted on a nightly basis last summer, injuring cops and setting fire to St. John's church, Keilar described it as a peaceful protest. The secret service, who moved the president to an underground bunker, thought otherwise.

Keilar was responding to Fox News's Tucker Carlson who implored CNN to simply describe the events at the Capitol accurately and rejected claims that Wednesday's riot was somehow "racist." In response to Carlson's latter point, Keilar showed a picture of an "insurrectionist" she found waiving a confederate flag inside the Capitol and then quoted some benign comments Carlson made in defense of a nuanced understanding of American history. 

"When Tucker Carlson was arguing against the renaming of military bases named after confederate generals and against the tearing down of confederate statues he said, 'a country is the sum total of its history good and bad.' He said 'eliminating the past leaves us unable to say who we are.' Well, he's trying to eliminate the present and he is spoon-feeding it to millions of hungry viewers who tune into his show," said Keilar.  

One gets the impression that Keilar's main grievance is Carlson's superior ratings. Certainly, CNN could find a racist, Marxist, anti-Semitic BLM activist to smear that movement. Here's one CNN can interview, again

Remembering the Democrat Party's secession is, unfortunately, part of our history. Uniting the country after its bloodiest war, a civil war, requires not only outlawing the evil practices defended by secessionists but also acknowledging their positive attributes, such as their military prowess. Hence why the military named things after confederates and American Indians. But CNN is not interested in nuance, healing, or unity. They are part of the cancel culture that wants to cancel any opposition to the far-left's agenda. 

Keilar concluded by calling Carlson "part of the illness, a propagandist, a liar, a parasite." 

With cancel culture, dehumanizing the enemy is always the first step. 

As for claims that Trump supporters would have been treated differently by police on Wednesday had they been BLM demonstrators, I will leave you with this: