Biden and Harris Aren't Backing Down from This Controversial Cabinet Pick

Posted: Dec 05, 2020 2:20 PM
Biden and Harris Aren't Backing Down from This Controversial Cabinet Pick

Source: AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Joe Biden is planning to tap Center for American Progress (CAP) President Neera Tanden to serve as director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Criticism over the controversial cabinet pick was swift and heavy. Undeterred, both Biden and Kamala Harris are continuing to push for Tanden's nomination. 

If Joe Biden was serious about unifying the country, surely he would cross off Tanden's name from his list of cabinet choices. Tanden's Senate confirmation process will be a bumpy ride given her controversial handling of sexual harassment allegations at CAP and her attacks on prominent Democrats like Bernie Sanders, the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee where Tanden's nomination would pass through. And Tanden's long history of attacking Republicans won't make her any friends on the other side of the aisle. 

Maybe Biden owes Tanden a favor or two for her attacks on Bernie because both Biden and Kamala Harris aren't sticking by their contentious pick for OMB. 

Biden defended Tanden in an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday. Biden told columnist Thomas Friedman that Republican criticism over the nominee's "trail of nasty tweets" was hypocritical and that he was willing to fight for some controversial nominees. 

“That disqualifies almost every Republican senator and 90 percent of the administration," Biden said. “But by the way, she’s smart as hell. Yeah, I think they’re going to pick a couple of people just to fight [over] no matter what."

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Notice Biden said "they're going to pick a couple of people to fight" over? It's been a constant concern for Republicans that Biden is a trojan horse candidate and leftist loons like Tanden will be the ones really running the show for the next four years. 

During a CNN interview on Thursday, Biden said he would resign over fundamental differences with Kamala Harris. Biden's comments have been characterized as a joke, but one that nevertheless gave a panic attack to many Americans.