Doom and Gloom Biden Forecasts Dark Winter, Laments Jobs Report

Posted: Dec 04, 2020 7:05 PM
Doom and Gloom Biden Forecasts Dark Winter, Laments Jobs Report

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The former vice president has been giving doom-and-gloom Dr. Fauci a run for his money these days, routinely warning of a "dark winter ahead" and lamenting the state of the economy that is still attempting to recover from the last round of Democrat-led lockdowns. 

The Department of Labor announced on Friday that while the unemployment rate fell slightly in the month of November, the economy picked up fewer jobs than economists projected. While forecasts had the economy adding 440,000 jobs, only 245,00 were added in the previous month.   

Speaking from Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday, the former vice president called the November jobs report, which included the labor market's reaction to the election, "a dire jobs report." 

"One in four small businesses can't keep their doors open," Biden complained, as if Democrat governors and mayors weren't the ones killing small businesses with punitive lockdowns all year long. 

Biden went on to cite the job-killing covid restrictions, pushed by Democrats, responsible for killing the Trump economy. 

"They've lost hope of finding a job, Biden said. "They've taken full-time caregiver responsibilities as child centers remain closed and their children learn remotely. Over the past three months, 2.3 million more people are long-term unemployed, meaning for 23 weeks or more."

Earlier on Friday, CNBC's Rick Santelli sparred with Andrew Ross Sorkin over the issue of economy-ravaging lockdowns that target small businesses while allowing big retailers to stay open.

After acknowledging the devasting economic effects of the lockdowns, Biden called the jobs report "dire" and repeated his warning about the "dark winter ahead." 

"This is a dire jobs report," Biden continued. "It's a snapshot, I might remind you, up to mid-November, before the surge in COVID cases we predicted, many predicted, and the deaths' rise that we've seen in December as we head into a very dark winter ahead."  

Maybe Joe Biden is trying to tank the economy.

Breitbart's John Nolte had some excellent analysis on the impact of Biden's "win" on the November's job report. 

(Via Breitbart)

Not since the Great Depression have we seen an economy like the disastrous Biden-Obama economy. They come on board as we’re coming out of a terrible economic collapse, and what do they do? They put their boot on the neck of the recovery with all their taxes, all their regulation, and all their constant talk of more taxes and regulations, which creates uncertainty, and there is nothing the economy hates more than uncertainty.

The result? The worst “recovery” since the Great Depression.

What those terrible jobs numbers tell you is that job creators are looking at the real possibility of a third Obama term and are already pulling back. And why shouldn’t they? They’re about to get killed with higher taxes and expensive new regulations. They will need money to cover those expenses, which means they can’t afford to hire new people, to invest in the kind of expansion that creates good jobs.

On top of all that, all the uncertainly attached to the threat of a Biden presidency, there’s the return of all these stupid, fascist, crazy, and unnecessary lockdowns. Look around, with the Trump vaccine right over the horizon, it’s as if Democrats want to get their last kicks in and lock everyone down before they no longer have an excuse.

Locking down, which at best replaces one serious problem with many others, is clearly not a tenable solution. This is why the development of vaccines was essential and, thanks to the Trump administration, prioritized and achieved in record time through Operation Warp Speed.

Meanwhile, the stock market reached an all-time high on Friday, driven in large part by continued optimism over a coronavirus vaccine, expected to be available to vulnerable Americans in a matter of weeks.