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UPDATE: Dr. Scott Atlas Slams Gov. Whitmer Over New Lockdown, 'You Get What You Accept'

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) is locking down Michiganders again as cases of the Wuhan coronavirus continue to surge in the state and elsewhere. Whitmer and her administration are dubbing the latest lockdown restrictions a "three-week pause" as state officials try to prevent the contagious virus from spreading. 

White House coronavirus task force adviser Dr. Scott Atlas responded to the governor's latest restrictions in a tweet on Sunday, calling on people to defend their freedoms by rising up. 

The following restrictions are set to take effect in Michigan beginning Wednesday, Nov. 18, and last through Dec. 8.

(Via ClickOnDetroit

Here are 14 major changes:

  1. High school classes must now be conducted remotely.
  2. College classes must now be conducted remotely.
  3. Work must be done remotely, unless the job absolutely has to be done in person.
  4. Indoor dining is no longer allowed at bars and restaurants.
  5. Organized sports are no longer permitted, with the exception of professional sports and a select number of NCAA sports.
  6. Group fitness classes are no longer allowed.
  7. Theaters and movie theaters must close.
  8. Stadiums and arenas must close.
  9. Bowling alleys will be closed.
  10. Ice skating rinks will be closed.
  11. Indoor water parks will be closed.
  12. Bingo halls will be closed.
  13. Casinos will be closed.
  14. Arcades will be closed.

"In the spring, we listened to public health experts and saved thousands of lives together," the governor tweeted on Sunday. "I am personally asking each and every one of you to channel that same energy and do everything in your power to protect our communities from this virus and save lives again."

"Indoor gatherings are the greatest source of spread, and sharply limiting them is our focus," said MDHHS Director Robert Gordon. "The order is targeted and temporary, but a terrible loss of life will be forever unless we act. By coming together today, we can save thousands of lives."

Under the governor's new emergency order, indoor residential gatherings are restricted to two households at any given time; however, families are strongly urged to pick a single household to interact with over the next three weeks. 

Gov. Whitmer instituted some of the most restrictive lockdown orders during the coronavirus surge in her state earlier this year.

Michigan's test positivity rate is currently at 12 percent and has the twelfth highest death rate per capita in the country.  

A number of governors are moving to tighten restrictions once again as hospitalizations and cases surge nationwide.

More information regarding the new order can be found here.

This post was updated to include reaction from Dr. Scott Atlas. 

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