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Shameless Media Peddling Democrat Propaganda on Court Packing

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The media is a clear and present danger to the United States. The media lies and distorts reality in a way that abuses the body politic, affecting the ability of the American people to make informed and unbiased decisions. It must be destroyed. No one should need more evidence of the media's gaslighting and propagandizing of the American people on behalf of the Democratic Party. But, in case you do, here it is.   

On Sunday, the Associated Press rolled out Newspeak, adopting a Democrat euphemism for court-packing, which is the Democrats' plan to subvert the rule of law by transforming the Supreme Court into another legislative body via the addition of new judgeships. The AP published the following passage:

"[Gov. and Sen. candidate Steve Bullock (D-MT)] said that if Coney Barrett was confirmed, he would be open to measures to depoliticize the court, including adding judges to the bench, a practice critics have dubbed packing the courts," reads the original AP story. 

Only after sharp criticism from conservatives on Twitter did the AP remove its Newspeak. This is why Jack Dorsey and his liberal cohorts at Twitter are rolling out temporary speech codes to crack down on free speech and interfere in the election. 

The AP posted the following editor's note after removing the propaganda: 

"This story has been edited to make clear that it is Bullock’s opinion, rather than a fact, that adding justices to the Supreme Court would depoliticize the court," reads the updated story. 

Free speech is under attack. The truth is under attack. Our constitutional republic is under attack. The media has been infiltrated by far-left activists working for the Democratic Party who are hellbent on indoctrinating the American people and destroying our system of government to advance the far-left agenda. The stakes couldn't be higher this November. 

I'll leave you with some of the tweets that helped pressure the AP to remove the propaganda. Of course, plenty of propaganda remains in the liberal media. 

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