Election Interference: Twitter Unveils Temporary Speech Codes Weeks Before the Election

Posted: Oct 09, 2020 2:45 PM
Election Interference: Twitter Unveils Temporary Speech Codes Weeks Before the Election

Source: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Twitter's planned October surprise is here. With mere weeks to go before Americans head to the polls, the social media company unveiled new speech codes further editorializing content on their platform to interfere in U.S. elections. 

Under the guise of stopping whatever it declares to be "misinformation," Twitter announced on Friday that the tech giant is implementing temporary speech codes that will last until Americans cast their ballots. Starting Oct. 20, users will be required to add comments before being allowed to retweet posts (speech). The goal of the new speech codes is to slow the spread of certain speech before election day.

The liberal company also says that it will remove speech recommended by people who users don't follow. Users will only see such recommendations under the "for you" tab and only when additional "context" has been provided. Twitter will also add labels and warnings to whatever speech it deems misleading. 

"Twitter has a critical role to play in protecting the integrity of the election conversation, and we encourage candidates, campaigns, news outlets and voters to use Twitter respectfully and to recognize our collective responsibility to the electorate to guarantee a safe, fair and legitimate democratic process this November," reads a blog post by company executives announcing the new restrictions. 

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Walter E. Williams

The overlords at Twitter have gone from putting their finger on the scale to jumping on the scale in a blatant attempt to help Joe Biden and his far-left radicals steal the election. Every freedom-loving American should be outraged that this liberal-run company has taken it upon themselves to regulate free speech in an admitted effort to control the outcome of the election. 

Our inalienable right to free speech comes from God, not Jack Dorsey.