Disregard Their Previous Hysteria, Democrats Now Say In-Person Voting is Safe

Posted: Sep 17, 2020 8:15 PM
Disregard Their Previous Hysteria, Democrats Now Say In-Person Voting is Safe

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The Democrats' hopes of having the November election completely ballot harvested by mail are in tatters, following a string of court losses and a strategy that appears to have backfired. Democrats are now scrambling to reassure their worried base that voting in-person during the coronavirus is safe after all. Disregard their previous hysteria over the past six months.   

Democrats, ever confident in the media's ability to gaslight the American people, are now telling voters that it's completely safe to cast your ballot in-person come November. Democrats spent months accusing people of not caring about human life if they opposed Crazy Nancy's plan to mail 160 million ballots out and allow paid campaign operatives (harvesters) to go around collecting them. What could possibly go wrong with the Antifa mob showing up at your door to make sure your ballot is filled out correctly? 

Of course, science has always suggested that voting in person poses little risk of spreading the Wuhan coronavirus. About 413,000 people voted in-person during the Wisconsin primary and a very small number, a few dozen, of coronavirus cases were linked to the election. There were no deaths. South Korea also held its elections and not a single coronavirus case was linked to in-person voting. Even Dr. Fauci has said there is no reason people can't safely vote in-person this November. 

While there was no spike in COVID cases after the Wisconsin election, there was a spike in absentee ballots found lying around in the streets of Milwaukee. The same was true in Nevada, where ballots stacked up outside apartment complexes and other areas in and around Las Vegas.

Voter rolls are notoriously messy. People die, move out of state, and register to vote over and over again, which is why the rolls need to be cleaned in order to prevent voter fraud. Moving a national election just months away to vote-by-mail was never a tenable option, but Democrats insisted the ballot box should be secured by nothing more than the honor system.

Democrats never believed their own hysteria over voting in-person. In early May, Democrats added three polling centers in Democrat-rich cities in California in a last-minute effort to keep the state's 25th congressional district blue in a special election to replace disgraced former-Rep. Katie Hill (D). Democrats purposefully set up a polling center in the most diverse part of the district, even knowing the coronavirus disproportionately kills minorities. If they believed in-person voting would be a super-spreader event, why would Democrats risk the lives of their constituents? And let's not forget the media also greenlit the leftist riots for months. 

Democrats never cared about the health of Americans one way or the other. All they care about is politicizing the pandemic to regain power in November.

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