You Get a Ballot, You Get a Ballot: Nevada's Mail-in Primary Shows Potential for Voter Fraud

Posted: May 15, 2020 7:30 PM

The Nevada primary is proving Republicans right about the dangers of voting-by-mail. Thousands of ballots mailed to inactive voters, people who moved or perhaps even died, are reportedly stacking up outside apartment complexes and other areas in and around Las Vegas. 

Nevada Democrats are currently fighting to overturn the state's ban on ballot harvesting, where Democratic activists collect ballots and then drop them off in bundles at polling stations. In Orange County, California, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that every House seat in 2018 went to a Democrat after a record 250,000 vote-by-mail drop-offs were counted. Some argue the signature requirement on the mail-in ballot, which is supposed to match the original signature on the registration card, is enough to deter fraud. But it's not like the ballots are sent off to a forensics lab for handwriting analysis. Besides, Democrats are currently fighting to remove the signature requirement from mail-in ballots anyway. 

Voter rolls are notoriously messy. People die, move out of state, and register to vote over and over again, which is why the rolls need to be cleaned in order to prevent voter fraud. But Democrats insist everyone in America is trustworthy and the ballot box should be secured by nothing more than the honor system. Democrats dismiss every documented instance of voter fraud on the grounds that it represented such a small percentage of the total number of votes cast and therefore had no impact on the outcome of the election. But, even if true, why wait until you're robbed to start locking the doors?

The stakes are higher than normal this November because Democrats, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, are sending every name on the voter rolls a mail-in ballot. In an effort to keep a House seat in a special election this week, Democrats set up an additional voting booth in a minority-rich area of California's 25th Congressional District. Democrats are encouraging minorities to vote in-person during a viral outbreak that disproportionately kills minorities, but we're supposed to believe they're genuinely concerned about the presidential election six months out. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is even pushing vote-by-mail in her next coronavirus stimulus bill. 

Data shows voting in person poses very little risk of spreading the Wuhan coronavirus. South Korea just held its elections and not a single case of coronavirus infection could be linked to in-person voting. In Wisconsin, around 750,000 people were recently involved in in-person voting, and, at most, 52 people may have contracted the virus at the polls. There were no deaths. Compare that to the two-thirds of patients hospitalized for coronavirus in New York who contracted the virus by staying home

Assume Democrats were trying to steal the election. What would they do differently?

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