Guess What Lefty Rag 'News' Organization Is Still Referring to Rioters as 'Protestors'

Posted: Sep 05, 2020 9:50 PM
Guess What Lefty Rag 'News' Organization Is Still Referring to Rioters as 'Protestors'

Source: AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa

The Washington Post must have missed the memo the rest of the left-wing media got from frantic Democrats last week telling them the jig is up with the so-called peaceful protests. The left couldn't ignore the mayhem any longer. It turns out people have eyes, can see the violence, and the media severely overestimated their ability to gaslight the American people into believing their lying eyes deceive them. The violent riots plaguing American cities for months had to end, said Democrats, because it was starting to show up negatively in Joe Biden's poll numbers. 

Undeterred, WaPo ran a story on Saturday with the following headline: 

In Portland, the leftist mob just killed a Trump supporter. At this point, calling the violent riots "demonstrations" and "radical protest tactics" would be like calling Islamic terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi an "austere religious scholar" after the monster died in a Trump-ordered raid. I mean what kind of anti-American, leftist garbage propaganda outlet would do such a thing. Oh, wait. I remember. 

WaPo always side with America's enemies, whether it's Marxist-inspired rioters or a terrorist who's responsible for killings U.S. citizens and countless thousands around the world. 

WaPo sucks. Here're some good tweets calling out the media organization for the trash that it is. 

Too bad Nicholas Sandmann's settlement wasn't enough to tank the newspaper.