Oops: Maybe BLM Protesters Should Start Waiting for the Facts Before Protesting

Posted: Sep 03, 2020 5:10 PM

On Wednesday, after a black 18-year-old was shot by a D.C. police officer and died shortly after in a nearby hospital, the name Deon Kay joined the pantheon of black "victims" killed at the hands of so-called "KKKcops." Protesters immediately sprung into action on Wednesday, carrying over into Thursday and culminating in an angry mob gathering outside the home of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.  

Since the facts are almost never on their side, the Left seizes upon the initial reports of a black person being shot by police, before those pesky little facts about the events leading up to the shooting can spoil the slanderous narrative.

Unfortunately for Black Lives Matter, who claimed Kay was unarmed and shot in the back, a lot is now known about the shooting of Deon Kay.  

Police say officers were responding to a live stream on social media of a man brandishing a firearm. The officers recognized the young man from their previous encounters with the individual. According to the chief, Kay was a "validated" gang member. 

When officers arrived and approached the car, two of the four occupants fled on foot. Bodycam footage of the incident captures Deon Kay raising a gun as he runs toward a Hispanic officer. The officer then fires a single shot at Kay, striking him in the chest.

The two people who complied by remaining inside the vehicle were arrested without injury. Funny how that happens. The other suspect that fled on foot has not yet been apprehended. 

The bodycam footage released on Thursday captures Kay raising a firearm in the direction of the officer before the shooting. Slowing down the footage, it appears Kay was throwing the firearm into the air as the officer shot Kay in the chest. Suspects often attempt to hide illegal firearms or firearms that may link them to other crimes. 

Warning: Graphic Content

The propaganda promoted by Democrats and the media -- that police officers are murdering unarmed black men while, somehow, letting white citizens who attack police officers off without a scratch -- has been debunked time and time again. Remember, the two suspects who complied with officers and remained inside the vehicle were arrested without injury. 

It's disgusting that such lies, which incite murderous riots and destroy minority communities, are regularly promoted by Democrats and the liberal press.