Left-Wing Thugs Trespass, Vandalize Home of LAPD Chief

Posted: Aug 28, 2020 6:00 PM

On Thursday, left-wing criminals vandalized the home of LAPD Chief Michael Moore. It's not clear how the left-wing thugs entered the gated community, but, once inside, the mob trashed the exterior of the chief's home and broke at least one lantern. 

"We are at Chief Moore’s house," the loons chanted. "He is the chief of LAPD. The most brutal police force in the nation." 

According to Samuel Braslow of the Beverly Hills Courier, the mob had originally set their sights on the home of LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey before changing their target to Chief Moore's home. The protesters planned to stage a "Die-in" in front of the home, so the trespassing and vandalism must have been a last-minute addition. Braslow noted the criminals somehow managed to open a locked pedestrian gate in order to gain entry into the private community. 

District Attorney Jackie Lacey, an African American and a Democrat, has seen her party turn on her as the Democrats embrace the radical "defund the police" agenda. Lacey objected to calls to abolish prisons, asking, very sensibly, where murderers and rapists would go. 

Lacey's Democratic challenger, George Gascon, is anti-cop and recently won the endorsement of California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Democrats are no longer hiding their hatred for cops and the policies of law and order. In Virginia, Democrats in the state senate just passed a bill reducing the penalty for assaulting a police officer from a felony down to a misdemeanor.