McCarthy's Message of Hope: 'Tough Times Don't Last Because Tough Americans Do'

Posted: Aug 27, 2020 9:10 PM
McCarthy's Message of Hope: 'Tough Times Don't Last Because Tough Americans Do'

Source: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

At the RNC Convention Thursday night, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) outlined a hopeful and positive vision for the country, in stark contrast to the dark and gloomy future the Democrats envision for America.

"As Americans, we carve our own destiny," Rep. McCarthy began. "As, Americans, we look forward not backward. Our ancestors braved the unknown. They built this nation, brick by brick. They lifted up millions from poverty, hunger, and disease. They vanquished fascism and communism. A great nation because of great people."

While Democrats call for the dismantling, defunding, and disparaging of America's institutions and its principles, Rep. McCarthy called for a future where America's economy is rebuilt and the American dream is alive and well. 

The California Republican said "no one has done more to protect and advance" the United States than President Donald Trump. 

"Republicans are proud to stand with him and work for you," said McCarthy. Together we built the greatest economy the world has ever seen, and we’ll do it again."

Pointing to the Trump administration's success in taking out the world's top terrorists, ending bad trade deals, achieving American energy independence, and restoring law and order at the border, McCarthy puts his faith in American innovation and determination win it comes to America's battle against the invisible enemy known as COVID-19. 

"We will defeat it because President Trump unleashed a Marshall Plan for Main Street and put hard-working taxpayers back on their feet," McCarthy said. "We will defeat it because tough times don't last because tough Americans do."

When it came to America's not-so-invisible enemy, the House minority leader did not mince words. 

"The socialist Democrats have a different agenda," McCarthy warned. "They will dismantle our institutions, defund our police, and destroy our economy." 

"The choice before you could not be clearer," McCarthy continued. "Forward in freedom, or backward in socialism. Forward in prosperity, or backward in poverty. Forward in personal liberty, or backward in governmental control."

McCarthy concluded by asking Americans to join the Republican Party and support their message of hope for America and the future. 

"Will you join us? With your help, the best is yet to come," McCarthy vowed.