WATCH: Firefighters Save American Flag From California Wildfire

Posted: Aug 13, 2020 8:15 PM

Reverence for the American flag is still alive and well in the country, despite what you may have seen recently at leftwing protests. In sharp contrast to Antifa and the rioters, who burn American flags out of hatred for the country, Los Angeles County firefighters saved an American flag from suffering such a fate in the devastating Lake Fire that continues to burn out of control in southern California.

Firefighters with Engine 164 stopped to take down an American flag on a flagpole that stood directly in the path of the rapidly-spreading Lake Fire. As of Thursday morning, the Lake Fire was zero-percent contained, burning more than 13,000 acres and destroying several homes in the Lake Hughes area between Palmdale and Santa Clarita, California.

Los Angeles County Firefighters Local -- a union representing over 3,200 members of Los Angeles County Fire Department -- posted the dramatic footage on Twitter showing firefighters lowering a flag as the fire ravages around them. The union says its members continue to serve with honor and respect despite the dangerous conditions and the fast-spreading flames. 

Earlier this month in Portland, the leftwing mob was burning American flags, bibles, and other revered symbols of the Left's derision. The night before, rioters severed a pig's head, put a police hat on it, and placed the pig's head on top of an American flag before setting it all on fire. 

As the leftwing loons disrespect and dishonor the country and its flag, Democrat leaders continue to side with the protesters, ignoring the violence and the threat they pose to their communities.