WATCH: Rioters Burn Bibles, American Flags in Downtown Portland

Posted: Aug 01, 2020 7:45 PM
WATCH: Rioters Burn Bibles, American Flags in Downtown Portland

Source: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Leftists are showing their contempt for America and her virtue by burning Bibles and American flags outside the federal courthouse in Portland. The rioters have been attempting to destroy the federal courthouse on a nightly basis. But ever since federal law enforcement officers arrived to stop rioters from burning down the courthouse, the rioters have been starting smaller fires in order to burn other symbols of their derision. On Friday night, that included Bibles and the American flag. 

The night before, rioters severed a pig's head, put a police hat on it, placed the pig's head on top of an American flag and then lit it all on fire. 

Portland police found an abandoned pig back in the early days of the riots. Police believe protesters planned to kill the animal and similarly use its body to make some sort of disgusting political message about hating cops. 

Deputies with the U.S. Marshals and officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Homeland Security Investigations, and the Federal Protective Service have been working hard to protect the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland on a nightly basis.

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Oregon Democratic Gov. Kate Brown struck a deal with the Trump administration earlier this week, whereby federal officers will begin to withdrawal from downtown Portland as state agencies attempt to provide enforcement on their own. But Democratic leaders have consistently sided with the protestors, ignoring the violence and the threat and safety the riots pose to members of the community.