All the NYT Editors Who Could Have Caught This Mistake Must Have Resigned

Posted: Aug 08, 2020 6:35 PM
All the NYT Editors Who Could Have Caught This Mistake Must Have Resigned

Source: AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

In a piece that could have been written by Joe Biden, New York Times opinion writer Maureen Dowd forgot that Hillary Clinton ran for president just a few short years ago. 

"It’s hard to fathom but it has been 36 years since a man and a woman ran together on a Democratic Party ticket," Dowd asserted in her column which ran on Saturday. 

While no stranger to fake news, it is surprising that the Times didn't catch the oversight. Maybe getting rid of all the insufficiently woke editors isn't such a bright idea after all.

Hillary, who takes great pride in her latest failed bid for the presidency (she thinks it was Russia's fault), addressed Dowd's oversight on Twitter. Clinton theorized that maybe Dowd "had too much pot brownie before writing her column again." Dowd, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 for her commentary, described her overdose on a marijuana edible in a column she wrote in 2014.

As much as liberals would probably like to forget about Hillary Clinton, The New York Times recently apologized for publishing an oped piece written by a sitting United States senator, Tom Cotton (R-AR), alleging the senator had written factual inaccuracies in his essay. Of course, the factual inaccuracies they alleged were mere contrivances in opinion, as opposed to Dowd's failure to remember that the 2016 Democratic Presidential Ticket included a man and a woman on the ticket. 

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Following the publication of Cotton's piece, in which the senator supported the president's plan to bring in the military to help quell violent riots, the Times capitulated to the angry mob. Editorial page editor at the time, James Bennett, ultimately resigned, as did former op-ed staff writer and editor Bari Weiss. The Times issued an editor's note to Cotton's essay, saying the piece "fell short of our standards and should not have been published." 

With wokeness the new gold standard at the Times, expect to see more oversights like Dowd's gracing the pages of the so-called newspaper of record.