U.S. Army Handout Classifies 'Make America Great Again' as Evidence of White Supremacy

Posted: Jul 09, 2020 8:25 PM
U.S. Army Handout Classifies 'Make America Great Again' as Evidence of White Supremacy

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The U.S. Army distributed a handout classifying the slogan "Make America Great Again" as evidence of covert white supremacy. The Army is now investigating how President Trump's campaign slogan ended up on the handout distributed on a base in Alabama.

The Military Times reports the Army launched an investigation on Wednesday to determine how a presentation on racism and discrimination included a graphic that labeled the president's campaign slogan as evidence of covert white supremacy. The investigation was launched following a complaint by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL). 

(Via the Military Times) 

Mo Brooks, a Republican who represents the district where the handout was distributed at the Redstone Arsenal, called the handout a “violation of the Hatch Act” designed to keep the military out of partisan politics. Brooks sent a letter to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, copied to Trump, Attorney General William Barr and others.

He “demanded an investigation into Army personnel illegally using federal government resources to distribute racist and partisan political propaganda in direct violation of the federal Hatch Act and any number of military regulations,” according to a statement on his website. And he said that the Army must “prosecute and fire” Redstone Arsenal personnel responsible.

Cynthia O. Smith, an Army spokeswoman, said that “as soon as Department of the Army leaders were made aware of these products the Army initiated a 15-6 investigation to determine how this happened. The Army does not condone the use of phrases that indicate political support. The Army is and will continue to remain an apolitical organization.”

The presentation was part of a new initiative, Project Inclusion, which was launched late last month to "promote diversity," examine "possible racial disparity within our justice system," and "conduct listening sessions with Soldiers and civilians worldwide to converse on race, diversity, equity and inclusion." 

The whole thing seems like a social justice warrior convention. Of course, they hate Trump. The people who see Klansmen lurking in every corner also believe Trump is the Grand Wizard. The Army should scrap the whole program.