Biden to Accept Presidential Nomination During Mostly Virtual Convention

Posted: Jun 24, 2020 7:45 PM
Biden to Accept Presidential Nomination During Mostly Virtual Convention

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

In August, Biden plans to leave his basement and travel to Milwaukee to accept the Democratic presidential nomination. But it's not clear if there will be a sizeable in-person audience watching as the feeble 77-year-old accepts the party's nomination. 

Democratic officials said on Wednesday that the presidential nominating convention taking place on Aug. 17-20 in Milwaukee will be almost entirely virtual. The DNC said voting to nominate Biden and his currently-unnamed running mate will also take place virtually, along with other official business. The DNC has asked delegates not to travel to Wisconsin for the convention. The convention will consist of mostly live broadcasts and online streaming, the AP reported. 

Efforts by the DNC and the media to shield the candidate from scrutiny during an election year has prompted an outcry from those who believe Americans have a right to know whether the presumptive Democratic nominee is experiencing a sharp decline in his mental faculties. A recent poll found over half of likely voters believe Joe Biden has dementia. 

DNC Chairman Tom Perez says the switch to a mostly virtual convention is a matter of public health. The left has been out rioting for weeks, but in August they're back to being deathly afraid of the coronavirus. 

While the Democrats exploit a pandemic to cover for a demented candidate, President Trump plans on accepting the RNC's nomination in Jacksonville, Florida. While the RNC will conduct official convention business in Charlotte, North Carolina, President Trump plans to accept the nomination in front of a large crowd. And since Gov. Ron DeSantis has done a great job of protecting Floridians from the coronavirus, despite large protests in recent weeks, what better place for Trump to accept the Republican presidential nomination than Florida?