WATCH: Dem Strategist Wrongly Assumes Two Black Models Won't Vote for Trump

Posted: May 24, 2020 2:35 PM

The media's liberal bias is always apparent, but especially after a Democrat does or says something so horrific that it would constitute political-suicide if a Republican had done or said the same thing. A good example of this is Joe Biden's recent comments that black voters who support President Trump "ain't black." 

Instead of calling Biden a "racist," exploring "links" between Biden and the Klan, and bringing "experts" on to "de-code" Biden's "dog whistles" to white supremacists everywhere, when it's a Democrat in hot water, the liberal media frame the discussion as "Republicans pounce," or, in this instance, "THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN CAPITALIZES ON BIDEN'S REMARKS," as the CBS News chyron read on Sunday. 

The big news covered by CBS is not Biden's racist comments but how the Trump campaign is responding to those racist comments. 

"Within hours they had these t-shirts, 'you ain't black,' that were on sale at the president's online store," a CBS host asked Democratic strategist Joel Payne, as pictures of two black models wearing the Trump campaign's t-shirts appeared on the screen. "The campaign has confirmed a million-dollar ad blitz against the former vice president. Ads have already begun circulating online within hours. How does the Biden camp combat these kind of aggressive moves particularly online by the Trump campaign?"

The Democratic strategist answered by questioning whether the two models wearing the campaign's t-shirts would actually vote for President Trump. 

"It's so interesting, the two models you showed showing those shirts, I wonder if they would actually vote for Donald Trump. That might be a good question for an industrious journalist to dig into," said Payne. 

Well, not much digging was needed as both models happen to be full-time staff members for the Trump campaign. 

Payne must be so wrapped up in identity politics that he can't even imagine two black people, wearing pro-Trump t-shirts, might actually vote for President Trump, much less work on his campaign. 

Here's the embarrassing moment, or, as the liberal media would put it, here's the Trump campaign capitalizing on Payne's comments: 

Following the CBS News segment, Trump campaign Senior Adviser Katrina Pierson confirmed that both individuals were full-time staff members on the Trump team.