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WATCH: Pelosi's Ridiculous Reasons for Including Vote-by-Mail in Next Stimulus Bill

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told Greta Van Susteren on "Full Court Press" that vote-by-mail will be included in the next House stimulus package, despite -- or perhaps because of -- the potential for voter fraud. 

The Trump administration is working to help America safely reopen, but Democrats are fixated on holding the November presidential election by mail. Democrats have been wanting vote-by-mail ever since they discovered the riches of ballot harvesting and voter fraud

"And we will in our bill also have funding for vote-by-mail which we think is very essential and supported by Republicans across the country," Speaker Pelosi asserted. "They like voting by mail. They have more of a habit of voting by mail." 

Well that's sure nice of the speaker to be working hard on the Republican wish list, only vote-by-mail isn't on it. In fact, a majority of Republican voters oppose it, according to a recent USA Today-Suffolk University poll. An anti-Trump Republican group supports vote-by-mail, but they'll do anything to defeat Trump. And a small number of Republican governors and secretaries of state have expressed support for vote-by-mail, but they'll be voted out of office, as soon as vote-by-mail takes effect. 

“This is related to COVID for the reason that we are trying to keep people at home ... This is an opportunity to remove obstacles of participation by calling upon the governing bodies to send a ballot to every registered voter by having same-day registration, by having adequate polling places for those who want to or need in person, but to reduce the number of people who will be gathering in such places on election day."

Democrats are so worried about voters catching the coronavirus, they just added three polling centers in Democratic-rich cities in California. Democrats are trying to keep the state's 25th congressional district blue in a special election to replace disgraced former-Representative Katie Hill (D). Democrats even set up a polling center in the most diverse part of the district, knowing the coronavirus disproportionately kills minorities. Democrats never really care about the things they claim they do. They want vulnerable minorities to risk their lives and vote in person during a deadly viral outbreak just to keep a House seat. Meanwhile, Gov. Newsom (D-CA) pretends to be so concerned about the risks of voting in person that he just signed an executive order sending every registered voter a postage-paid ballot for the presidential election that's six months out. 

"In the state of Wisconsin, they had a number of COVID cases that were immediately traced to people having to stand in line for a long time to vote ...," the speaker continued, "states like Oregon that have had vote-by-mail for a number of years, and they claim success, and it certainly pleases the people there."

It certainly pleases the people of Oregon in power, anyway, and those are mostly Democrats. About 413,000 voters participated in-person during the recent Wisconsin primary election, and a very small number, a few dozen, of coronavirus cases were ever linked to the election. There were no deaths. South Korea also just held its elections and not a single coronavirus case was linked to in-person voting. 

But nevermind the data. Anyone with eyes can see the left is using the current pandemic to push reforms they've wanted for years.

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