DNC Comms Director Cries 'Collusion' When Asked Why Biden Requested Flynn Unmasking

Posted: May 13, 2020 7:45 PM

Democratic National Committee Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa had a hard time defending Joe Biden on Wednesday. Hinojosa was interviewed by Fox News' Bill Hemmer following the release of names of those in the Obama administration, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who requested the unmasking of former Trump Adviser Michael Flynn during the presidential transition period. Hemmer asked Ms. Hinojosa multiple times why the former vice president was interested in unmasking Flynn during the transition. 

"Why would Joe Biden want to know about Michael Flynn back then?" Hemmer asked. 

Hinojosa responded by accusing Republicans of politicizing the Justice Department and argued the unmasking requests would actually hurt Republicans in the long run because, in her mind, it points to Russia collusion.

"Also, unmasking is something that you are just looking to just see more intelligence," Hinojosa defended. "It is nothing that is scandalous in any way but frankly, this is going to backfire on Republicans because it just shows how serious Flynn was in his conversations with the Russians. So Republicans can try to use this to play political football. But in reality, this will backfire."

Hemmer asked if it was a crime for members of the incoming administration to talk to foreign countries. In response, Hinojosa accused the Trump campaign of "trying to interfere in an election" and working "against the United States." 

"The answer there was a suggestion that there was collusion," Hemmer pushed back. "There has been no proof of that. Where's yours?" 

Hinojosa still didn't answer the question, so Hemmer tried again. 

"One more time," Hemmer said. "Where's the proof about collusion, Xochitl?" 

We Should NOT Comply!
Kevin McCullough

Xochitl said she "will leave that to the investigators." 

Well, investigators spent three years and millions of taxpayer dollars looking for collusion and couldn't find any.

"I was looking for a crime," Hemmer said. "I haven't heard it there. I was asking for collusion. I haven't heard that yet either. It's almost the summer of 2020, and there's no evidence of it."

Sounds like the Democrats need a little more time to explain why Biden's name is on the list.

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