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Senate Television via AP

Never-Trumper Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) believes President Trump will likely win reelection in November. The Utah senator said the president, unlike Joe Biden, has a clear vision for the country and said it's very difficult to take out an incumbent president, something Romney knows all too well. 


"I think it is likely that the incumbent will win," Romney said. "Why do I say that? Well, it's been 28 years since an incumbent lost in his bid for reelection. There's great power to incumbency. You basically set the national agenda. You get TV time when your opponent can't. Particularly in a crisis, you get a lot of TV time."

Romney believes the economy will also be a lot stronger by November.

"We're headed down now. It'll probably be heading back up by November and that will augur to the advantage of the incumbent," Romney said. 

While polls in some swing states currently show presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden leading the president, the Utah senator warns that it's still too early in political life to read much into it.

"I think it's pretty much a jump ball," Romney continued, "although I think I give the advantage to the incumbent, President Trump. I think it's more likely that he gets reelected than not."

The senator went on to say that President Trump offers a clear vision for the country, whereas former Vice President Joe Biden's vision is less clear.

"President Trump's vision I think is pretty clear in most people's minds these days, and what he stands for and what he would do in his coming term is pretty clear. I think Vice President Biden is less clear in people's minds as to what he would do."


Romney said Biden's advisers will likely make the mistake of making the campaign a referendum on President Trump instead of offering their own vision for America. Mitt Romney knows a thing or two about losing an election. The Democrats may want to listen to him. 

The never-Trumper made history earlier this year by being the first senator in U.S. history to vote to remove a president of the same political party. By being the lone Republican to buy into the Democratic-led impeachment sham, Romney handed the Democrats a key a talking point for the November election, a talking point that will surely be used against the president in the week and months before November.   

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