Sunday’s Coronavirus Briefing Was Mostly About Hydroxychloroquine

Posted: Apr 05, 2020 9:30 PM
Sunday’s Coronavirus Briefing Was Mostly About Hydroxychloroquine

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The social distancing among the White House press corps isn’t working. They’ve all been infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Ever since the president said he was hopeful about the early evidence indicating that hydroxychloroquine may be an effective treatment against the Wuhan coronavirus, the media is obsessed with making the president look like an idiot for even mentioning the drug. As the president has said endlessly, hydroxychloroquine is an old drug, known to be safe, so coronavirus patients can only stand to benefit from taking it. "Maybe it'll work; maybe it won’t," the president is erroring on the side of hope.

For these reasons, the FDA has given the drug emergency-use authorization for the treatment of COVID-19, and doctors all over the country are now prescribing the medicine, also hopeful that it will speed their patients toward recovery. At this point, it seems like the press is rooting for the drug to fail just so they can accuse Trump of giving Americans a false sense of hope, as opposed to the endless doom and gloom the liberal media keeps feeding them.

The most important question that CNN’s Jeremy Diamond could think to ask the president in the middle of this deadly pandemic was why he kept “promoting” the drug instead of letting clinical trials and the science just "speak for itself.”

Trump pointed out, for the umpteenth time, that clinical trials can take years and he won't sit back and wait while thousands of Americans die when there’s a promising treatment on the horizon. Trump then went on to explain how his administration is stockpiling the drug to make the medicine readily available for doctors to prescribe for patients.

Since Trump first mentioned the early evidence of the drug’s efficacy, the Department of Health and Human Services has acquired 30 million doses of (hydroxy)chloroquine. This means Trump’s optimism over the drug, derided by the press, ensures Americans infected by the coronavirus will have access to the potentially life-saving treatment. Trump’s touting of the drug could end up saving the lives of countless Americans if the drug does prove to be an effective treatment against COVID-19. What do we have to lose? That’s what a leader does, instead of waiting for the science “to speak for itself.”

The president is being proactive and trying to save American lives, and all the media is focused on is making him look like an idiot for doing it.

Almost every question at Sunday’s White House briefing was about hydroxychloroquine, and not about the drug's efficacy, but about why the president is hopeful it'll work. Imagine all the important information we could be getting from the daily briefings if reporters asked questions designed to elicit useful information? 

If Americans are learning anything from these daily briefings, it's just how biased the liberal media is and how unfair they are toward the president.