Matt Gaetz Calls Out Pelosi for Playing Politics With Coronavirus Bill

Posted: Mar 13, 2020 8:30 PM

Multiple reports announced that Speaker Pelosi and the Trump administration had reached an agreement on Friday over a House bill being considered in the wake of the coronavirus.

At a press conference on Friday, Speaker Pelosi said the three most important parts of the bill are "testing, testing, testing." But the proposed bill, known as The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, also calls for increased spending on unemployment benefits, Medicaid, and food stamp programs, according to reports

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Fox News' Martha MacCallum on Friday about some of his reservations with the relief bill currently being negotiated. 

"Everyone is for testing. Everyone is for medical infrastructure like ventilators," Gatez began. "Where Republicans have challenges is where we got legislative provisions that forever change entitlement programs. We should not use the coronavirus as an excuse to go and dramatically expand eligibility in the SNAP program, for example."

Democrats, who never let a crisis go to waste, are hoping fear and panic will provide cover while they sneak through various items on their progressive wish list. The Democrats are acting like panicked shoppers right now, throwing things in the cart that we don't really need.

"Unfortunately," Gaetz continued, "we see the speaker of the House trying to jam the president, putting in for example reformations to abortion laws and abortion practices -- the Hyde Amendment, for example -- into this legislative package as a way to try and make Republicans and the president look like we don't support testing." 

The House will vote on the legislation Friday night with the Senate likely to take up the bill when the upper chamber is back in session next week.