Trump on Biden's Gaffes: 'There's Something Going on There'

Posted: Mar 05, 2020 7:50 PM
Trump on Biden's Gaffes: 'There's Something Going on There'

Source: AP Photo/John Bazemore

President Trump participated in a town hall event with Fox News' Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Thursday night. The president was asked whether he prefers to run against Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) or former Vice President Joe Biden in the general election. 

"I'll tell you, I was all set for Bernie because I thought it was going to happen," Trump began. 

Sanders was the front-runner heading into Super Tuesday, but the Biden campaign experienced a resurgence following a win in South Carolina on Saturday and a better-than-expected performance on Super Tuesday. 

"So mentally," Trump continued, "I'm all set for Bernie. Communist -- I had everything down. He's a communist. I was all set. Then we have this crazy thing that happened, right, on Tuesday, which he thought was Thursday."

Biden, 77, told a crowd of supporters on Monday, "tomorrow is Super Thursday." 

"But he also said 150 million people were killed with guns and he was running for the United States Senate ... There's something going on there," Trump warned.

The crowd laughed as Trump recalled some of Biden's most recent gaffes, but there were several more the president could have mentioned. 

Trump said, "in a certain way Bernie would be tougher because he's got a base." But, after Super Tuesday, the president concluded, "I think it's going to be very hard for him to come back."

Sanders canceled a rally in Mississippi to campaign in Michigan on Friday. Michigan holds a primary on Tuesday, Mar. 10, along with five other states. Polls currently show Biden with a small lead over Sanders in Michigan, a state Sanders narrowly won against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Maybe the burn voters once felt for Bernie has since burned itself out.  

Either way, senility or socialism? Pick your poison, Democrats.