Michael Bloomberg Makes Donna Brazile 'Very Uncomfortable'

Posted: Feb 17, 2020 10:30 AM
Michael Bloomberg Makes Donna Brazile 'Very Uncomfortable'

Source: AP Photo/ Cheryl Senter

Former New York City mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is taking heat from Democrats for his long record in the public eye. Sexist comments the billionaire is said to have made in the past and his crime-fighting record as mayor of New York City are all going over like a ton of bricks with the easily startled leftwing base. 

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, former DNC Chair Donna Brazile joined the Democrat pile on of Michael Bloomberg by saying the candidate leaves her feeling 'very uncomfortable' for a couple of different reasons. 

Host Chris Wallace began by asking the former DNC chair how damaging the new reports of sexism are to the Bloomberg campaign. 

"Extremely," Brazile answered. "Look, I think there are many people in the Democratic Party who are looking at Mr. Bloomberg because he has the resources to take on President Trump." 

The billionaire is self-funding his campaign, outspending his opponents and won't rule out spending up to a billion dollars or more in his attempt to defeat President Trump in November. 

"But the question in my judgement is his record," Brazile continued. "I am uncomfortable with his policies in New York. I understand he's apologized. I get that. I'm for forgiveness. But I am extremely dismayed at the information I read over the weekend about the sexist work environment. I mean it's one thing to have this so-called top law enforcement policy of stop-and-frisk, it was ruled unconstitutional and it has taken him years to say 'I'm sorry about that.' He has the resources, but I am very uncomfortable with his record. Very uncomfortable." 

A socialist, Bernie Sanders, is currently the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary. Bloomberg reportedly entered the race over justified concerns that former Vice President Joe Biden would be unable to go the distance in the long primary process. And if Biden went down, Bloomberg feared the door for the party's nomination would be left wide open for much crazier candidates like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to enter. 

But now it looks like Bloomberg might not be crazy enough to be considered a "moderate" in today's Democratic Party. The more the leftwing base learns about the billionaire former mayor, the more Democrats want to cancel Bloomberg from the Democratic primary.