Bloomberg Won't Rule Out Spending A Billion Dollars to Defeat Trump

Posted: Jan 11, 2020 8:05 PM

While campaigning in Texas, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg gave an interview in which the former New York City mayor would not rule out spending a billion dollars in his efforts to stop President Trump from winning reelection. 

"You know how much money a billion dollars is?"  Bloomberg responded. "It’s a lot of money to me. It’s a lot of money to anybody."

Bloomberg plans on spending big this year even if the candidate fails to win the Democratic presidential nomination. 

“It depends whether the candidate needs help," Bloomberg said, "if they’re doing very well, they need less. If they’re not, they’ll need more."

While the billionaire has some ideological differences with fellow Democratic rivals Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Bloomberg said he would throw his money behind either candidate should they face off against the president this November.

"I really don’t agree with them," Bloomberg said, "but I’d still support them, yes, because compared to Donald Trump that’s easy." 

Michael Bloomberg is self-funding his own bid for the White House, and the candidate has already spent more than $200 million on advertising. While the Democratic candidates are focused on the early caucus and primary states, Bloomberg has concentrated his efforts on Super Tuesday when 14 states pick their nominee in early March. 

The next Democratic debate takes place in Iowa on Tuesday, but because Bloomberg has self-funded his campaign, the candidate has failed to meet the donor requirements necessary for him to appear on stage. The 2020 Democratic caucuses in Iowa take place Feb. 3rd.