Anti-Dairy Activists Crash Bernie's Rally

Posted: Feb 16, 2020 8:55 PM
Anti-Dairy Activists Crash Bernie's Rally

Source: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

There is such a thing in this world as an anti-dairy activist, and a group of them just crashed a Bernie Sanders' rally on Sunday. On stage in Nevada, an anti-dairy activist interrupted a speech by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders after wresting a microphone from the senator's hands. 

"Bernie, I'm your biggest supporter," claimed the woman as she took control of the microphone, "and I am here to ask you to stop propping up the dairy industry and to stop propping up animal agriculture. I believe in you ..." 

The audio of the microphone was abruptly cut as other protesters unfurled signs featuring pictures of cows and at least one large banner that read "let dairy die." Moments later the video feed of the rally was cut too. 

Direct Action Everywhere, a group of activists with the purported mission of "seeking animal liberation through nonviolent direct action [and] open rescue," has criticized the Vermont socialist for his decades-long support of the agricultural industry. 

In a letter to the senator, Direct Action Everywhere said it was "disappointing to see" Bernie Sanders "protecting, rather than criticizing, the dairy industry." 

Examples include your amendment to a 2009 ag appropriations bill which provided $350 million in corporate welfare to the dairy industry, as well as your historic support of the farm bill, which in 2018 provided over $100 billion in animal ag subsidies while rejecting activist requests to prevent handouts to millionaires and billionaires.

You’ve also elevated major players like Ben and Jerry’s own Ben Cohen as your campaign co-chair. I have been to a dozen Ben and Jerry’s farms and seen firsthand the suffering behind dairy, including piles of dead mother and baby cows and shivering calves chained outside in below-freezing temperatures.

Modern animal agriculture, including the dairy industry, is a nightmare for animals, a toxic threat to the water and air of vulnerable communities, and an existential threat to all life on Earth.

No matter how far left you go, there will always be some leftwing loon out there to lecture you about some new existential threat they've discovered that threatens to wipe out all forms of life on planet Earth. You can never appease these people, so why even start?