Maher Worries About Democrats Doing 'Too Far-Out Left, Wokey Stuff'

Posted: Feb 09, 2020 4:10 PM

Bill Maher gave an interview to CNN's Fareed Zakaria that aired on Sunday. In the interview, Maher admits the president had a great week, frets about the Democrats' chances in November and worries that they are doing "too far-out left, wokey stuff." 

After listing off a series of faults that Maher sees in Trump, while also admitting what a great week the president just had, the comedian then directed his criticism towards Democrats. 

"The other depressing thing about this week is," Maher said, "at his best moment the Democrats are -- they just look like the gang that can't shoot straight or can't run straight, and if they can't get their act together soon it's going to be over before it begins. I mean [Trump] won last time with nothing and now he has money, he's been president ... I saw 44 percent of Democrats think Democrats are going to win. No, we can't."

While Maher sees several faults in the president, he did admit that Trump has a certain authenticity about him, which he also sees in Bernie Sanders. 

"Listen to what [Trump] always says, 'You have no choice. You have to vote for me,' because he's saying, 'Yeah, you may not like me. I may be crude and vulgar and horrible, but they are crazy.' ... And there's a lot of stuff ... that is crazy, and people read it every week, just these things, these too far-out left, wokey stuff. And Obama said it. People are just looking for, don't do crazy stuff. Don't say crazy stuff, because we all get tagged with it. And then they go, 'Yeah, I don't like Trump but he's right. I gotta vote for him -- they're nuts.'"

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