Pro-Gun Rally in Utah to Protect Gun Rights

Posted: Feb 08, 2020 9:15 PM

Utah lawmakers recently proposed four different state laws that would infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, which is seemingly in violation with the text of the U.S. Constitution, something the lawmakers would know if they had bothered to read the document. In response, several hundred supporters of the Second Amendment rallied outside the State Capitol in Salt Lake City on Saturday. 

Firearm owners carried weapons and signs to show their support of the Second Amendment. The new bills would institute universal background checks, red-flag laws, and eliminate private gun transfers. 

The Daily Mail reported that one sign at the rally even condemned Utah Senator Mitt Romney. The demonstrator probably thinks a flip-flopping senator with no principles can't be counted on to protect gun rights. 

As usual, there were no reports of violence, vandalism or trash left behind on part of the protesters.