Trump to African Americans: Democrats 'Only Come Around Two Months Before the Election'

Posted: Feb 07, 2020 5:15 PM
Trump to African Americans: Democrats 'Only Come Around Two Months Before the Election'

Source: AP Photo/ Jacquelyn Martin

On Friday, President Trump spoke at an Opportunity Now Summit in North Carolina. Opportunity Now is a new White House initiative aimed at boosting economic development in underserved communities. In his speech, the president continued his appeals to African Americans, saying the Democratic Party only pretends to care about the interests of African Americans in the lead up to an election. 

The president began by touting the economic gains of African Americans under his administration. 

"Very importantly," Trump began, "African-American youth unemployment has reached its lowest level ever recorded. African-American poverty has plummeted to the lowest rate ever recorded -- the best numbers we've ever had."

Even The New York Times had to admit that wage growth for African-American workers has accelerated under the president's watch. 

"Remember I use to say," Trump told the crowd, "What do you have to lose? I was in a room and it started, and I'm reading off economic numbers. The worst crime numbers, worst housing ownership numbers ... I think there were nine or 10 different very major factors ... I said, 'You've been with the Democrats for a hundred years, 112 to be exact ... and they treat you badly, and they only come around two months before the election. And then right after the election they say, 'Bye bye. We'll see you in two years or fours years.''" But they come around and they work really hard, they want your vote, and the day after the election they're gone. That's the Democrats."

At the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Trump similarly boasted about the economic gains made by different minority groups during his presidential tenure, including a record low unemployment rate for Hispanic Americans. 

"The unemployment rate for women reached the lowest level in almost 70 years," Trump announced in his address on Tuesday. "And, last year, women filled 72 percent of all new jobs added."

The president also touted record low unemployment levels for veterans, disabled workers, and Americans without a high-school diploma.