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8th Case of Coronavirus Reported in the U.S.

Xiao Yijiu/Xinhua via AP

The day after Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar deemed the coronavirus a national public health emergency, an eighth case of the deadly virus was reported in Boston, Massachusetts. 


A man in his 20s is the latest known victim in the U.S. infected with the coronavirus. Massachusetts Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel said in a statement that the man recently traveled to Wuhan, China, where the virus originally spread starting in early January. The man sought medical treatment upon his return and is recovering from the potentially-fatal virus. 

(Via ABC News

The eight cases in the U.S. include seven in travelers and one a human-to-human transmission between a husband and wife. The affected states are California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington State and Arizona. In China, there have been 11,821 confirmed cases as of Saturday and 259 people have died. Outside of China, 170 cases have been confirmed in 25 countries.


U.S. citizens returning from Hubei province in the previous 14 days will be subject to up to a 14-day quarantine. Foreign nationals, other than immediate family members of U.S. citizens who have traveled to China in the previous 14 days, will be denied entry into the country. The temporary measures take effect Feb. 2 at 5 p.m.

Americans who've traveled to other parts of China in the previous 14 days will be subject to a health screening upon entry and asked to self-quarantine for up to 14 days.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ordered a federal quarantine order for all 195 people who were evacuated from China and have been voluntarily quarantined at a military base in California.


On Thursday, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global health emergency amid growing concerns the virus may spread rapidly in countries unprepared to handle a large outbreak. The White House established a task force to manage the looming threat. According to White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, the task force "will lead the Administration’s efforts to monitor, contain, and mitigate the spread of the virus, while ensuring that the American people have the most accurate and up-to-date health and travel information."

Meanwhile, CNN is concerned about the lack of diversity of the president's task force. 

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