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Report Finds Police in U.K. Ignored Child Sex Abuse in Fear of Stoking Racial Tensions

A new report, first covered by The Times U.K., reveals just how dangerous the left's political correctness can be for children. An official investigation into the case of a girl sexually abused in Rotherham found that police "took insufficient action" to protect the girl because police were afraid of stoking racial tensions in the city. 

In the report, the victim's father said a police officer told him that, "with it being Asians, we can't afford for this to be coming out," and admitted that sex abuse cases like his daughters have been going on "for 30 years."

The girls' mother told the PA News Agency, "It doesn't matter what colour a perp is, they should all be treated the same." 

"Asian men" is a term similarly used in fear of stoking racial tensions, but the problem here is that groups of mostly Muslim men, mainly from Pakistan, are forming "grooming gangs" in the U.K. that target and sexually abuse mostly white girls. The police there are so woke that they ignore sex crimes when they are committed by minorities and refuse to give any specifics about who the abusers are.

(Via Daily Mail

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) upheld six complaints against South Yorkshire Police by a woman abused as a child for several years, starting in 2003.

According to a leaked report seen by PA and first reported by The Times, the watchdog said it was 'very clear that you were sexually exploited by Asian men' and found police were aware of suspects but 'took insufficient action to prevent you from harm'. 


The IOPC upheld the complaint that the force was aware of suspects involved in her exploitation and failed to act, leaving her with people who were grooming the teenager.

The woman called for action to be taken against South Yorkshire Police, including potential criminal charges.

'They've always been complicit in what happened, we've seen perpetrators get done, so why are they any different? They've aided and abetted abuse,' she said.


The IOPC Operation Linden was launched in 2014 with the watchdog conducting 91 independent investigations into the allegations that senior officers failed in their statutory duty to protect children between 1999 and 2011.

PA understands that the full IOPC report into child sexual abuse in Rotherham could be published this year. 

Hopefully we learn from the mistakes of our mother country before it's too late. 


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