Active Shooter Situation in Hawaii, 2 Cops Reportedly Killed

Posted: Jan 19, 2020 5:00 PM
Active Shooter Situation in Hawaii, 2 Cops Reportedly Killed

Source: Townhall

The FBI is reportedly responding to an active shooter situation in Waikiki, Hawaii.  

Hawaii News Now reports law enforcement sources say two police officers were killed in a shootout that happened on Sunday morning. According to the report, a house fire was intentionally set during the incident and has now spread to at least four nearby homes. Flames and smoke over the affluent neighborhood can reportedly be seen from miles away. 

While the details of the incident remain unclear, Hawaii News Now reports that sources are saying the incident unfolded as part of an eviction process gone wrong, with a tenant allegedly stabbed a landlord.  

There are no details as to the status of the shooter, but Hawaii News Now reports that law enforcement officers do not appear to be actively looking for any suspect. 

(Via Hawaii News Now (HNN)) 

Sources told HNN that the officers shot at the home were initially taken in extremely critical condition to the Queen’s Medical Center, where they later died.

Dozens of police officers, including Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard, were seen arriving at the hospital en masse as the patients were transported away from the Diamond Head scene.

The officers who arrived at the hospital were visibly shaken.

Several were crying, and Ballard could be seen hugging those arriving at the emergency room.

One witness at the scene told HNN that rescuers could be seen performing CPR on an officer in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

Soon after the shooting incident was reported, the home believed to be the scene of the shooting caught fire and became fully engulfed in flames.

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