Possibility of All-White Debate Stage Has Democratic Candidates Squirming

Posted: Dec 07, 2019 11:40 AM
Possibility of All-White Debate Stage Has Democratic Candidates Squirming

Source: AP Photo/John Bazemore

The party constantly lecturing America on the importance of diversity is set to have an all-white debate stage in the upcoming Democratic presidential debate scheduled for Dec. 19th. 

"Diversity is a strength!" doesn't seem to be resonating much with the Democratic Party these days. The candidates who currently qualify for the upcoming debate are former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar, as well as South Bend Mayor Peter Buttigieg and hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer. 

The best part is watching the Democratic candidates squirm to explain why the process has weeded out any people of color two months before the first caucus takes place in Iowa. On Friday, Joe Biden admitted the current crop of candidates is "not representative of the party" but quickly added that "you can't dictate who is going to be the nominee, who's going to be able to garner votes, who's going to be able to stay in the race." 

Why not? Democratic politicians have dictated for years what schools, jobs and government programs people can get into based on their membership to certain minority groups. I think it's time for the Democrats to get a taste of their own medicine. Sheila Jackson Lee for president! 

Affirmative-action supporting Michael Bloomberg has similarly become a recent supporter of meritocracy. Responding to Cory Booker's comments about the upcoming, all-white debate stage, Bloomberg told CBS's Gayle King on Friday that "Lots of people can enter. There's no reason -- if you wanted to enter and run for president of the United States, you can do that ... entry is not a barrier." But as we know, Democrats believe in equality of outcome, not opportunity. Bloomberg's major problem in the interview wasn't his flip-flop on affirmative action, however, it was his use of an old racist trope, popular with Democrats, to describe Cory Booker as "very well-spoken."

In their singular focus to defeat President Trump, Democrats have abandoned everything they once proclaimed to believe. Take the recent impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee. Where was the diversity on that panel of Ivy League professors and so-called experts on the constitutional basis for impeachment? I guess there's no room for diversity when it comes to Democrats taking down President Trump. For that, Democrats want only the best and brightest.