Terrorist Incident On London Bridge, Five Injured

Posted: Nov 29, 2019 10:30 AM

Well, Britain sure has a mess on its hands. Looks like they released a known terrorist and gave him an electronic ankle tag to wear. Authorities must have been hopeful when they saw the terrorist attending a conference on "prisoner rehabilitation" at Cambridge University, only the terrorist reportedly threatened to blow up the building. Anyway, they let him run around London where he stabbed five people on the London Bridge on Friday, two of the victims have died from their injuries. 

According to The Independent, the terrorist suspect was recently released from prison, serving time on other terror-related charges. 

(Via The Independent)

He has not yet been named.

The attacker was a convicted terrorist with previous links to al-Muhajiroun, the group led by Anjem Choudry and dubbed Britain’s “most proli?c and dangerous extremist group”, The Independent understands.

Al-Muhajiroun was regenerating after a number of supporters were released from prison, this website reported in February.

The Times reported the attacker was attending a Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation being held at Fishmongers’ Hall and had threatened to blow up the building.

During the attack on Friday, a bystander was able to grab the knife away from the attacker, and the terror suspect was shot by police and died on the scene. Metropolitan Police say the suspect was wearing a fake device that resembled a suicide vest.  

Police evacuated London Bridge and cordoned off nearby streets.

In 2017, the London Bridge was the scene of another deadly terrorist attack. A van was driven into a crowd of pedestrians and ISIS-inspired terrorists ran into a nearby market and began stabbing people. Eight people were killed and 48 others injured, including four unarmed police officers.