A Second Attack on Friday, This One In the Netherlands

Posted: Nov 29, 2019 3:21 PM

Dutch police say three children were stabbed during an attack in The Hague on Friday, the Daily Mirror is reporting. Authorities are still looking for the suspect. 

(Via the Daily Mirror)

At 9.52pm, the latest from police is that all three of the victims were minors and officers are in contact with their families.

And Dutch news site De Telegraaf reports the knife attacker is still a fugitive.

“We are at this moment searching for a suspect, no one has been arrested yet,” police spokeswoman Marije Kuiper told reporters at 10 p.m.

Kuiper said police did not yet have a description of the suspect, but she said an initial police statement that he was a man in his 40s of North African descent had been wrong.

“At this moment all scenarios are still open,” she said.

The attack comes on the heels of another stabbing attack on the London Bridge earlier in the day. In the London attack, police have described the attack that has so far left two people dead as a "terrorist incident." Three others were injured and the suspect was killed at the scene. Metropolitan Police say a fake device that looked like a suicide vest was strapped to the attacker's body. 

It is not clear whether the two incidents on Friday are related.

This is a breaking news story that will be updated as needed.