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Buttigieg Campaign Returns Donations Made By Kavanaugh Lawyers

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

The Guardian learned that two female lawyers who had defended Brett Kavanaugh during the justice's Supreme Court confirmation in the Senate had made donations to Pete Buttigieg's campaign for president. When The Guardian reached out to the Buttigieg campaign for comment, the campaign returned the donations, saying that accepting the donations from the two attorneys had been an oversight on their part.


No doubt that Democrats accept donations all the time from left-wing activist attorneys who defend murderers and child rapists, but money from lawyers who defended Brett Kavanaugh is apparently too much to stomach.

“With nearly 700,000 donors, a contribution we would otherwise refuse sometimes gets through," the campaign told The Guardian. "We believe the women who have courageously spoken out about Brett Kavanaugh’s assault and misconduct, and we thank the Guardian for bringing this contribution to our attention.”

The two lawyers, Alexandra Walsh and Beth Wilkinson, have made several contributions to Democrats in the 2020 cycle, including contributions to Kamala Harris, Michale Bennet and Kirsten Gillibrand. 

Brett Kavanaugh was the victim of baseless and uncorroborated accusations of sexual misconduct leveled by women claiming Kavanaugh had assaulted them more than 30 years ago in high school. After Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, the Senate Judiciary Committee released an exhaustive 400-page report finding no evidence to support any claims of sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh. Recently, the lawyer representing Christine Blasey Ford finally admitted that part of her client's motivation for accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct was to protect abortion rights and the Roe v. Wade decision. 


But leftists are still upset with the attorneys who defended Kavanaugh and thwarted their plan to prevent Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court. Wilkinson's unforgivable sin was to ask why the women accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault never went to the police and instead waited around to tell their stories to members of Congress only after Kavanaugh was tapped to fill the vacancy left by Anthony Kennedy. Walsh is similarly unpardonable because she defended the innocent statements Kavanaugh wrote as a teenager in his high school yearbook. 

It is hard to believe the Buttigieg campaign was unaware of the donations made by the two Kavanaugh attorneys. According to The Guardian, Alexandra Walsh co-hosted a fundraiser back in July, and the Buttigieg campaign had to return money to Walsh because her contributions exceeded the legal limit. 

Last month, the Buttigieg campaign distanced itself from another lawyer, Steve Patton. Patton is a Chicago lawyer who represented the city in the 2014 police shooting of a black teenager, Laquan McDonald. Patton was scheduled to co-host a fundraiser for Buttigieg and had contributed the legal maximum amount to his campaign. After Patton's involvement came to light, the Buttigieg campaign returned the lawyer's contributions, and those that he collected, and removed the lawyer from co-hosting the scheduled fundraiser. 


Democrats took money from Jeffrey Epstein, and the lawyers who contribute to Democratic causes defend the most heinous criminals in our society. But Democrats draw the line at lawyers who defend the police and outstanding citizens falsely accused of sexual misconduct. 

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