Ilhan Omar Slow to Acknowledge Killing of ISIS Leader, Posts Photo in CAIR T-Shirt

Posted: Oct 27, 2019 3:39 PM
Ilhan Omar Slow to Acknowledge Killing of ISIS Leader, Posts Photo in CAIR T-Shirt

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The news cycle has been inundated with coverage of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi's killing by U.S. forces in a top-secret raid. Everyone in politics flocked to social media to acknowledge the terrorist's death. Rep. Omar was a little slow to respond to the news, only doing so after many people called her out on Twitter. 

But on Instagram, she did manage to post a photo right away of herself wearing a CAIR t-shirt. CAIR, the Council on Islamic Relations, supports terrorist groups like Hamas and continues to discourage Muslim-Americans from assisting the FBI in counter-terrorism efforts.  

Sebastian Gorka, the host of "America First" on Salem Radio, brought up an important point about Omar's post:

Gorka was referring to the Holy Land case, in which CAIR founder Omar Ahmad had been implicated. 

Before caving in and acknowledging the ISIS leader's death, Omar was quick to respond to the killing of two other people last night; not the children of the terrorist, who the ISIS leader murdered by detonating a suicide vest, but two people killed at a homecoming party in Texas. Omar blamed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for their deaths because the senator did not pass gun control legislation that would have done nothing to stop them. 

To be fair, the terror-sympathizer and anti-Semitic congresswoman did finally post about al Baghdadi's death:

She then immediately denounced the "hateful ideology of white nationalism," in reference to the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting that happened a year ago today.