Hypocrite Biden Lies In Campaign Ad About Sandy Hook

Posted: Oct 25, 2019 6:10 PM
Hypocrite Biden Lies In Campaign Ad About Sandy Hook

Source: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to remove a Trump campaign ad which the Biden campaign criticized for promoting a "conspiracy theory." The Trump campaign ad simply stated facts about the Biden family's conflict of interest in Ukraine. Elizabeth Warren then attacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his company's policy of not removing campaign ads just because the Democrats claim something is untrue about them. In this instance, Zuckerberg sided with the First Amendment, saying people should be allowed to know which politicians are dishonest and decide for themselves what to believe. 

That was last week. This week, Joe Biden lied in a campaign ad. 

In his ad, Biden claims he met with every victim's family in the Sandy Hook shooting. This was quickly proven to be a lie when a family member of one of the victims took to Twitter to point out that his family, who lost a six-year-old son, never met with Joe Biden and were not allowed onto Air Force One because they did not support Obama-Biden's gun control policies. 

So that didn't take long. 

JT Lewis, 19, is a candidate for the Connecticut State Senate. He gave an interview on "Fox & Friends: First" with host Rob Schmitt to set the record straight. 

(Via Fox News)

"Joe Biden wasn't there, and what he talks about in his videos is firsthand experience with families and first responders, and I wanted to clarify that it was actually President Obama who came there in the days after the shooting and met with us and helped us through that really tragic time," said Lewis.

"Look, I know Joe Biden's coming from a place of sympathy having lost his son, and I know he means well. But, when you get these little things mixed up, it comes across very negatively."

The Democrats tell actual lies in their campaign ads. But they want to ban Republican ads because they bring up facts the Democrats don't want people knowing about.