Conservatives Defend Trump's Syrian Withdrawal

Posted: Oct 16, 2019 4:10 PM
Conservatives Defend Trump's Syrian Withdrawal

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

President Trump’s decision to remove U.S. troops from Syria has been criticized by members of his own party. But others see the removal of U.S. troops in Syria as a fulfillment of one of Trump’s main campaign promises: “to get out of these ridiculous Endless Wars.” 

Sen. Lindsey Graham said the president's decision to remove troops from Syria is “a disaster in the making.”

But Dr. Sebastian Gorka, host of the National Salem Radio Show "America First", defended the Trump administration's decision to withdrawal troops and accused the Democrats "and NeverTrump neocons" of wanting to start another war. 

At last night's CNN debate, most of the Democrat candidates criticized the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, as Laura Ingraham noted. 

And Buck Sexton corrected Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg's slander of President Trump, pointing out that "500,000 people died in Syria *while Obama was president*."

Ann Coulter has criticized the Trump administration for not doing enough to fulfill other campaign promises, like repealing the DACA amnesty, deporting illegal aliens, and building a big, beautiful wall. But Coulter came to the president's defense last night, pointing out the Syrian withdrawal announces to the our allies that they "can no longer count on America . . .to fight their wars, pay their bills, and protect their borders but not our own. 

"Outrage over Trump's Syria decision shows Washington's perverse priorities," Tucker Carlson said on Fox News. "For once, Americans are coming home from a Middle Eastern tar pit, rather than staying forever, and we ought to be celebrating that. Across the country people are. But in Washington, people are apoplectic. They're telling us we're not allowed to leave Syria. It's immoral, they say. It's a betrayal. Not a betrayal of Americans - that wouldn't be a problem here in Washington. It happens here every day."