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AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

The Biden campaign sent an angry letter to the New York Times Wednesday evening, taking the newspaper to task for investigating the seemingly corrupt dealings of the Biden family in the Ukraine.


What seems to have sparked the tirade from the Biden campaign was an op-ed the New York Times published earlier in the day by Peter Schweizer, the brilliant investigative journalist with a knack for exposing corrupt politicians. 

A copy of the letter was posted to Twitter by Oliver Darcy at CNN.

“We write in protest how little The New York Times has internalized the sobering lessons of 2016 – particularly after giving top billing today to discredited right-wing polemicist Peter Schweizer,” the letter seethes. 

But Schweizer was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. The letter reveals the deep grudges held by the Biden campaign over the past few months whenever the Times dared to mention anything regarding Biden and Ukraine. 

The letter repeatedly faults The Times for insufficiently burying the Biden-Ukraine scandal. 

“Bloomberg reported that the investigation of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma on which this Schweizer-Giuliani conspiracy theory is predicated had been ‘long dormant,’” the letter quibbles, but “The Times failed to note this crucial development and continued to cover Giuliani’s allegations while depriving readers of this and other essential context, preserving Giuliani’s and Schweizer’s narrative in spite of known facts.” 


Did the New York Times not get the Biden campaign’s talking points!? Didn’t every mainstream media outlet agree to express absolutely zero interest in anything related to the Bidens and Ukraine!? 

“We submit that the Times should publicly answer for these failures in reporting on this pressing issue fairly, accurately, and in a way that prioritized truth and judiciousness over sensationalism,” the letter concludes, “We also believe that these occurrences speak to the urgent need for a restoration of a public editor at the paper.”

Maybe Biden should threaten to wait in the lobby of the New York Times for six hours and see if he can get those responsible for this fired.  

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