Gun Control Group Makes the Case for the 2A Without Even Trying

Posted: Jan 11, 2021 9:35 PM
Gun Control Group Makes the Case for the 2A Without Even Trying

Source: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Whenever some sort of national tragedy happens, those who oppose the Second Amendment use the moment to push for gun control. After all, as Rahm Emanuel says, you can't let a good tragedy go to waste.

And that's precisely what Newtown Action did following the riots at the United States Capitol last week. The gun control group made the argument that "good guys with guns" – a reference to FBI agents and Capitol Police – couldn't stop "bad guys with guns" from breaching the Capitol, therefore guns are not needed.

But imagine how much different the situation would have been had more members of Congress been armed. Rioters would be less likely to breach the Capitol if they knew Congressmen and Senators weren't just sitting ducks. They would think twice about breaking into an area where armed citizens are because they have no idea who, precisely, is carrying a firearm and willing to use it.

In fact, Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) explained that he was happy he had a firearm, should someone break into his office. And he's probably not the only one.

It wasn't too long ago that Congresswoman Lauren. Boebert (R-CO) made waves for wanting to carry her Glock to the Capitol. She made the point that Washington, D.C. is one of the nation's most dangerous cities. Having the ability to carry a firearm for self-protection is a way to level the playing field, especially for smaller-framed women. 

Just a few days before the attack on the Capitol, Massie and Boebert signed a letter launching the Second Amendment Caucus. Their goal is to fight for congress-members' ability to carry for self-defense.

Without even trying, Newton Alliance made the case for legislators to take their own safety into their own hands. After all, who will protect them when police are minutes away and a split second decision needs to be made?