Computer Repairman Who Brought Forward Hunter Biden's Laptop Files a Lawsuit

Posted: Dec 29, 2020 8:25 PM
Computer Repairman Who Brought Forward Hunter Biden's Laptop Files a Lawsuit

Source: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

The Delaware computer repairman who stepped forward earlier this year with information about nefarious information on a laptop that both the DOJ and the FBI confirmed belonged to Hunter Biden, on Tuesday filed a $500 million lawsuit against Twitter. 

According to the shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, Twitter's suppression of the New York Post story about the laptop branded him as a "hacker." The information found on the laptop is now part of a federal tax evasion probe, Attorney General William Barr revealed earlier this month.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Miami, was tossed out because of jurisdiction issues, the New York Post reported.

Mac Isaac is suing Twitter for defamation in US District Court, claiming the company decided to “communicate to the world that [Mac Isaac] is a hacker.”

But Miami federal Judge Beth Bloom quickly dismissed the case on Monday, ruling that “the Court lacks subject matter jurisdiction” because the suit says Mac Isaac is a citizen of Delaware and Twitter is incorporated there.

“The sole basis for subject matter jurisdiction is diversity of citizenship,” Bloom wrote.

“Thus, accepting the Complaint’s allegations as true, the Complaint fails to allege complete diversity.”

Bloom issued her order without prejudice, meaning the suit could be refiled if proper jurisdiction is established.

One of Mac Isaac’s lawyers, Brian Della Rocca, said Tuesday, “We are addressing the order now.”

“We have not decided whether we will refile in federal after addressing the Judge’s concerns or if we will file in State Court,” he added by email.

Mac Isaac claimed that his business received threats and negative reviews after Twitter’s moderation and he is “now widely considered a hacker.” He also received personal threats.

In his suit, the Delaware man said he was forced to close his store and alleges that Twitter acted with “malicious intent” by claiming that he had hacked Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In his lawsuit, the shop owner said he didn't give anyone permission to publish his name and he had no knowledge that he would be thrown into the public spotlight. He simply handed the information over to the FBI and eventually Rudy Giuliani's lawyer, Robert Costello.

“Plaintiff was unaware that the NY POST had information from the hard drive or that a story was going to be published,” the suit read. “Plaintiff did not want his name released to the public nor did he give authorization to Giuliani, [Giuliani’s attorney] Costello, or the NY POST to release his name.”

The information on the computer included emails showing Hunter Biden's shady international business dealings. Emails show that Hunter Biden allegedly sold access to his father, the then-vice president. Burisma Holdings, the corrupt Ukrainian natural energy company, paid Hunter $50,000 a month so they had access to his father. Down the road, the former veep helped keep the company out of legal trouble by getting the prosecutor who was investigating the company fired. He did that by threatening to withhold aid to Ukraine if the prosecutor was kept in his position. He was ultimately canned.

In China, Hunter allegedly worked up a scheme that was mutually beneficial. In addition to receiving a payment for access, 10 percent was to go to the "Big Guy," which has been confirmed to be Joe Biden.

Throughout the entire ordeal, no one from the Biden campaign confirmed or denied whether or not the laptop was Hunter's. No one from the campaign said whether or not the emails are legitimate. They have simply remained quiet on the issue. The only exception was when a Biden surrogate failed to spin the story and when Biden himself lashed out at a reporter for asking about the allegations.

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