Detroit's Votes Might Not Count and That Would be a Win for the Trump Team; UPDATE: Canvassers Reverse Course

Posted: Nov 17, 2020 7:50 PM
Detroit's Votes Might Not Count and That Would be a Win for the Trump Team; UPDATE: Canvassers Reverse Course

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon


After originally being deadlocked, the Wayne County Canvassers decided to certify the election, The Detroit News reported a few hours later.

Although the board voted unanimously to certify the vote, they did so under one condition: that the Secretary of State audit the election process so discrepancies are a thing of the past.


President Donald Trump's re-election campaign has repeatedly called into question "voting irregularities" in Wayne County, home to the Democratic stronghold of Detroit. The campaign was delivered a small victory on Tuesday when two of the four Wayne County Canvassers voted not to certify the election results.

Monica Palmer, the Republican chair of the committee, took issue with discrepancies in the county's 43 precincts, in particular, the fact that the number of absentee ballots counted versus received were not the same.

"I believe that we do not have complete and accurate information on those poll books," Palmer said.

According to The Detroit Free Press, Palmer would be open to certifying some precincts, but not Detroit and other areas that had unexplained discrepancies.

The Democratic vice chair, Jonathan Kinloch, attributed the differences to "human error" and ruled out the possibility of voter fraud.

The election results are now being sent to the Board of State Canvassers who will decide whether or not to certify the election.

"Should the current decision of the Board of Wayne County Canvassers hold through the adjournment of today's meeting, the Board of State Canvassers will be responsible for certifying the Wayne County election," Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said in a statement. "In similar circumstances in the past, state canvassers have appointed the Bureau of Elections to carry out the processes of canvassing the vote and voter totals. The Bureau stands ready to fulfill this duty and we expect this will address clerical errors and improve the quality of the canvass overall. It is common for some precincts in Michigan and across the country to be out of balance by a small number of votes, especially when turnout is high. Importantly, this is not an indication that any voters were improperly cast or counted."

As of now, Wayne County's voting totals include 587,074 votes for Biden (roughly 68 percent of the vote) compared to Trump's 264,140 votes (roughly 30.5 percent of the vote).

Should the Board of State Canvassers toss out Wayne County's election results, Michigan would flip and become a Trump pickup. Today's decision puts the Trump campaign on that path.

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