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WATCH: Violent Antifa Thugs Attack 'Jews for Trump' Caravan Members

The largest "Jews for Trump" rally is currently underway in New York City. More than 1,000 cars decided to participate in the caravan throughout the Big Apple, but not everyone was happy about the enthusiasm for the president.

In fact, the caravan triggered some people to the point where they threw rocks and eggs on vehicles participating in the rally.

A bicyclist resorted to punching people's cars as they crossed the Brooklyn bridge.

When the caravan made it to Manhattan, Antifa thugs came out in full force, attacking Trump supporters both inside and outside of their cars.

One Antifa member punched a caravan goer. As he tried to run away, a Trump supporter tripped him, causing him to fall to the ground.

At least one person, a woman, was arrested. She was accused of spraying Trump supporters with pepper spray.

This election has always been about law and order and security. Notice that Trump supporters can never gather and support their candidate without someone on the other side of the aisle going out of their way to hurt them. Why is it that the left is always so violent and angry? When they have their marches, those of us on the right don't show up and start beating on people. We respect their First Amendment right to peacefully assemble. 

If you needed further proof that anti-Semitism is alive and well, here's your proof folks.   

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