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Sen. Johnson: Hunter Biden's Emails Raise These 17 Questions

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Saturday penned a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray asking him to verify the information obtained on Hunter Biden's alleged laptop. Specifically, Johnson wants to know what process the FBI went through to validate and examine the contents of Biden's computer.

1. Does the FBI possess material from Hunter Biden’s laptop(s)? If yes, how and when did the FBI obtain this information?       

2. Is it accurate that FBI officials obtained contents from Hunter Biden’s laptop from a business located in Delaware? If so:                           

  • When did the FBI first examine these records?
  • Has the FBI concluded its examination of these records?
  • Has the FBI found any evidence of criminal activity based on its examination of these records?
  • Has the FBI determined whether the records on the computer was generated on that computer, is genuine, or has been altered in any way?
  • Has the FBI determined whether these records were generated or authored by Hunter Biden?
  • Has the FBI determined whether these records are a result from someone hacking Hunter Biden’s computer?

3. Is it accurate that the FBI issued a grand jury subpoena from the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware to obtain this information? If so, when and why was this subpoena issued? Was this information ever offered to the FBI voluntarily?

4. When and how were you made aware that the Delaware computer repair shop owner possessed a computer and its electronic contents that he claimed originally belonged to Hunter Biden?

5. In addition to these records allegedly provided in response to a subpoena, has the FBI ever been in possession of any other of Hunter Biden’s laptop(s) or material from Hunter Biden’s laptop(s)?

  • If so, please explain when and how the FBI obtained this information and what, if any, steps it took to investigate and authenticate that material.

6. Is the FBI aware of other federal agencies that have Hunter Biden’s laptop(s) or material from Hunter Biden’s laptop(s)?                   

  • If so, what other agencies have this material and how did those agencies obtain it?

Johnson said he has a duty to validate the information his committee receives, especially if there's a possibility of a foreign nation attempting to interfere in the election. In addition, he wants to make sure the committee is protected and receives full defensive briefings.

Below is the full letter:

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