WATCH: Trump Blasts Biden for 'Using Mafia Talking Points'

Posted: Aug 31, 2020 6:30 PM
WATCH: Trump Blasts Biden for 'Using Mafia Talking Points'

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

President Donald Trump on Monday chided Joe Biden for failing to condemn violence across the nation. He also slammed Democrat-run cities for not taking action to end the rioting and looting.

The cities facing rioting are "dominated by the Joe Biden Party. The top 10 cities in the country are Democrat. It's Democrat-run cities," Trump said. 

The president blamed the rioting on the anti-law enforcement sentiment that its taking place cross the nation.

"You have to allow police to do what they're good at," he explained, saying the feds went in and arrested 100 rioters in Portland. 

Trump slammed Democrats for continually saying those who are rioting are "peaceful protestors."

"That's anarchy," Trump said. He cited specifics, like MSNBC and CNN showing a reporter saying "peaceful protesting" is taking place even though buildings are being set ablaze behind them. 

What the president took issue with, however, was Biden not talking about who is causing the destruction.

"Biden is using Mafia talking points. The mob will leave you alone if you give them what you want. That's what it is," he said. "The mob will leave alone, give them what you want. But it doesn't work that way. Once you give them what they want, they keep taking, taking, taking. What happens is you give, and give, and give and you take and they no longer respect you."

"He didn't mention the the far left, or from what I saw, he didn't mention the word Antifa," Trump explained. Antifa is a criminal organization." 

Instead, the left places the blame on law enforcement. People, like Biden, are quick to condemn the right but didn't mention anyone on their side of the aisle.

"He didn't talk about those on the left and the left is the problem," Trump said. "They're on the side of the radical left."

The president warned Americans about what is likely to happen if Democrats win in November: the nation will fall to anarchy, just like Portland and Chicago have.

"You're never going to have safe areas in those Democrat-run cities," he said. 

Trump also reminded Americans of one important tidbit: it was the Biden-Harris campaign that donated to get rioters and looters out of jail.

"It's outrageous that they're now seeking to shift the blame of the rioters to that backs of police. It's just a war on law enforcement in this country," the president said. "Without law enforcement we wouldn't have country."

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