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AP Photo/Noah Berger

Riots have been ongoing in Portland, Oregon for more than 70 days, since the death of George Floyd. Things have been violent. Oregon State Police and the National Guard have been sent in to help quell the riots. 

This is just some of what has taken place over the last couple months. And these are only some of the videos from the last few days:

Despite that, the Washington Post shared a photo essay making the rioters look like compassionate individuals: 

And the article made it sound as though rioters are heroes standing up to white supremacy and racism:

Oregon’s largest city has for decades cultivated a reputation as a place where protests can erupt over anything and nothing at all. Issues such as the environment, antiwar sentiments, LGBTQ rights and economic inequality have long taken center stage.

But after the police killing of George Floyd in May, something shifted in this city where less than 3 percent of the population identifies as Black. While White residents largely tout liberal ideals of civil rights and equality, Oregon’s racist history looms large here, said Shirley Jackson, a sociology professor in the Black studies department at Portland State University.

White Portlanders began to openly wrestle with the history of blatant racism in a state founded as a White haven. Black Lives Matter signs multiplied so fast, they seemed to outnumber Black residents.

“Portland thinks it’s pretty progressive, but it’s pretty easy to think you’re progressive when you’re a mostly White community,” said City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty (D), who in 2018 became the first Black woman elected to the city council. “But if you’re Black in Portland, the experience is so radically different.”

The richest part of the article, however, are these individuals admitting to being members of Antifa:

City officials and soccer moms alike readily admit to being “antifa” — an abbreviation for anti-fascist that many conservatives and far-right groups have decried as violent, left-wing extremists prone to looting and fire-setting.

The Washington Post should be ashamed of themselves for glamorizing rioters. Setting buildings on fire, assaulting law enforcement and shooting residents isn't "peaceful protesting," like the media loves to claim. Destroying your community in the name of "justice" and "peace" doesn't create change. All it does is add to the chaos that's already unfolding. 

At least some of these Antifa rioters admit that they're part of the violent mob. It gives confirmation to what we all knew to be true, even though the left likes to say we're wearing our tinfoil hats. 

It's no surprising the WaPo is providing cover for rioters though. They act as though they're unbiased when really they're just activists in disguise. 

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