How Bad Are the Portland Riots? On-the-Ground Footage Provides an Insight

Posted: Jul 19, 2020 10:40 AM

Saturday night marked the 50th straight day that "protests" have taken place in Portland, Oregon. These so-called protests were labeled a riot late Saturday night as people – which looks to be a combination of Antifa and Black Lives Matter – demolished federal buildings and set fire to the Portland Police Association Headquarters building.

Not only were these people destroying buildings and setting fires but they were also assaulting others:

Federal law enforcement officers were sent in to help Portland PD obtain control, where teargas was deployed:

At what point can we all agree that this isn't "peaceful protesting" but straight up chaos that needs to be stopped? At what point does the left look at things and say, "Man, these protestors have gotten out of line?" For Democrats, the line isn't when buildings are vandalized. Their line isn't when buildings and businesses are set on fire. And their line sure as hell isn't when people are getting beat to a bloody pulp. It's because they have no line. 

Law and order exists for a reason. Without it we have mass hysteria and destruction. What's happening in Portland is a prime example of what takes place when anarchy ensues. 

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