WATCH: NRSC's New Ad Focuses on Jon Ossoff's Lies

Posted: Jul 15, 2020 11:40 PM
WATCH: NRSC's New Ad Focuses on Jon Ossoff's Lies

Source: AP Photo/David Goldman

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) on Wednesday released a new ad highlighting Georgia Democratic Senatorial candidate Jon Ossoff's blatant lies and extremist progressive policy positions.

Ossoff has come under fire for lying about his national security clearances. He had previously said he had five years of national security experience with a "top-secret security clearance." 

"I was granted a top-secret clearance by the U.S. Department of Defense to work on particularly sensitive programs,” Ossoff told reporters on March 30. “I stand by my record – I will put up my national security qualifications and credentials against anyone else in this race.”

The Washington Post fact checked that claim, saying Ossoff inflated his credentials. It turned out he only had those security credentials for five months.

"... his statements and ads might leave an impression that the 30-year-old held a security clearance for longer than five months," The Post concluded.

It's those inflated facts that have the NRSC concluding that Ossoff is too extreme for Georgians. 

Jon Ossoff is the candidate for Hollywood liberals - not Georgians," NRSC spokesperson Paige Lindgren said in a statement. "He's already shown support for extreme policies like the Green New Deal and a willingness to lie to cover up his lack of experience. Ossoff is nothing more than a pawn in Chuck Schumer’s and national Democrats’ plan to enact a socialist agenda."